Beat the Booze Buses

Make no mistake, the Booze Buses and the supporting campaign against drink-driving are here to stay. With the fines and licence suspension penalties increasing rapidly you can’t afford to risk being caught.

Avoid two-way taxi fares

Now you don’t have to take a taxi if you’re going out for a drink or two. Drive yourself and when you’re ready to leave the restaurant, celebration or function, just call and we’ll be there. You drink, we’ll drive.

Never leave your car alone

When you use the Skippers Club to get you home, you don’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle at the mercy of thieves and vandals. And there’s no need to waste productive work time picking it up when you’re safely below the 0.05 limit again.

Get picked up wherever you are in Perth

Whatever time of day you call, seven days a week, we’ll arrange for an experienced Skippers Club driver to pick-up you and your car. You can even book the pick-up time in advance.

Have your car delivered to you

There are many times when you need your car brought to you; to meet you at the airport or to pick-up you and your clients after a function. Whatever the reason, we’ll arrange to have your car to you, at precisely the time you specify when you book your pick-up.

It’s cheap insurance for anyone who needs to drive to earn a living

Whether you’re a CEO or a sales representative, you need to keep your driver’s licence to enjoy the motoring freedom many of us take for granted, until it’s taken away for a minimum of three months.

Give those closest to you peace of mind

There’s nothing worse than waiting at home for someone who’s late from an event at which they’re likely to have been drinking for some time. Just by using the Skippers Club service you’ll enable those waiting for your safe arrival to relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re looking after yourself completely.

It’s surprisingly affordable to have your own chauffeur

A minimum charge of $75 for the first 10km

Membership and usage costs are tax deductible for businesses